Monday, February 4, 2008

Is it saving money or adding clutter?

I've been looking at all the big coupon websites about saving money and going around to all the grocery stores and using your coupons and blah, blah,blah. I must say this probably works for the people who it's geared for. The young or those whose memory hasn't left them yet. I did this when I was just starting out driving to 4 different grocery stores to say myself a couple of bucks. Heck back then gas was cheap. Now at $3 a gallon I think it's time to revisit the whole coupon merry go round. For the stores that I pass on the way to work, I check the ads and the sunday papers coupons. I found out that 6 bottles of hair spray just gets lost in my clutter. NOW if your a very organized person this won't be a problem.but for me I just found I have 2 copies of the same cd. Some things you cannot buy in bulk no matter what unless of course your feeding a family of 4 teenage boys who consume the contents of your fridge in one sitting. Fortunely I only have one 20 year and a very active 12 year old. Common sense has to prevail. I can't say enough how much I love my membership to Costco. BUT you have to use restraint.
you know if you aren't going to use it right away you'll have to store it and then it becomes clutter if you have too much.
One of the interesting things I read on the forums for one of these grocery coupon websites. The ladies were talking about spending $500 on a shopping trip. I went WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. The other ladies encouraged her by saving that's what can happen when you start out because you start a stockpile. Stockpiling for what WW3. After seeing this I canceled my membership deleted the favorite link. that's just what I need to be in the pour house but I'd be well groomed and well fed.

Common Cents Grocery Buys

One thing I learned about cooking from my mother was buying my meat in bulk. I'm not talking about 1/2 a cow (how many of us have THAT kind of money laying around). No ,I'm talking about meat at your favorite grocery store, when ground beef is at a decent price I buy about 10 lbs. Then when I get it home I separate it our into 1 pound packages and freeze it. Same goes for chicken breasts. Buying in the stores bulk pack saves you money. But you have to remember to separate it and freeze it when you get home. I just bought one of those cool devices from Reynolds

IT works great for sucking all the air out.
If I'm feeling really energetic I separate a couple pounds out and make them into patties and then put a piece of wax paper in between to keep them from sticking together. These then go into their own big bag to freeze and use later.
Here's hope your saving money.