Monday, February 4, 2008

Common Cents Grocery Buys

One thing I learned about cooking from my mother was buying my meat in bulk. I'm not talking about 1/2 a cow (how many of us have THAT kind of money laying around). No ,I'm talking about meat at your favorite grocery store, when ground beef is at a decent price I buy about 10 lbs. Then when I get it home I separate it our into 1 pound packages and freeze it. Same goes for chicken breasts. Buying in the stores bulk pack saves you money. But you have to remember to separate it and freeze it when you get home. I just bought one of those cool devices from Reynolds

IT works great for sucking all the air out.
If I'm feeling really energetic I separate a couple pounds out and make them into patties and then put a piece of wax paper in between to keep them from sticking together. These then go into their own big bag to freeze and use later.
Here's hope your saving money.

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