Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you shop at Harris Teeter

If you do, make sure you take your coupons and prepare to go shopping. NOW. They just finished a complete store reset and at my local HT there are carts full of Discontinued Merchandise. And if you use a coupon you'll save even more. By the way all prices went up across the board. BUT the one bargin you will find is Milk. HT owns it's own dairy and since it's near there Distribution center transport cost aren't as high as some stores. My local HT milk is 3.59 but I know most stores in the area are over $4. But I have invested a membership to my local Costco. But buyer beware - just because it's in bulk doesn't mean it's cheaper than the regular stores. For example I bulk pack of tuna- the per can price was higher than the sale price at stores I go to regularly. NOW the other thing I did just save a bunch of money on was eggs. My local HT eggs were 2.39 a doz. I got 3 dozen at costco for 5.23. I don't normally use this many eggs in a week or two but we'll be having lots of eggs themed meals to use them up. Plus eggs are quick and make an easy meal. We have breakfast for dinner alot. So you have to do your homework when it comes to these big bulk purchases. otherwise you end up with stuff that you don't need and goes bad.
Happy Shopping.

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