Sunday, December 16, 2007


As I sift though the junk on my desk , I'm astounded by the number of dead batteries. This makes my commitment to trying to go green a farce. I found in the pile of junk a battery charger I bought to use with my digital camera. (Actually It's my store's camera, since I take most of the pictures for the organization, I end up with one for the store.) I go though batteries like water when I'm taking taking pictures, which I've been doing alot lately for my store's squidoo lens. ( The rechargeable batteries I bought for the camera are long since gone. but I'll go out and buy another 4 and use them for my camera. This should save some money. I've searched the ads and found target has 15% off these batteries this week. And I have a 5 off gift card i can use. I'll let you know the final cost later. This is not rocket science think about how much we spend in batteries a year and the product going to the landfill. NO more I say.
Updated 1/2/08 My batteries cost me nothing because my darling son bought them for me. They were priced at 9.99 for 4 and I did have my $5 off gift card. so he only paid $5.

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