Sunday, December 16, 2007

I have to plug my job. -Because it is the most important thing you will ever read.

I work as a manager of a thrift store. Since 2003 I have worked in nonprofit retail thrift stores. My biggest money saver is the thrift store. I never buy new unless I absolutley have to. Case in point. Daughter needed white shirt and black pants and black shoes for chorus. We went to several stores looking for white shirts. Do you know how to difficult iit was to find a white shirts for a 12 year old. Settled on a ladies small from JC Penney. It's a little big but it will do for her concerts (which there are only 2 this year) cost on sale was $11. I could buy 3 shirts for her in my thrift store for that price. Sent hubby out this weekend to buy black pants. He went to 4 stores and found nothing. I told my clothing sorter and she pulled set aside every small pair of black pants she came across. The last pair was the winner. It was a ladies size 0. cost $4.99 instead of the $20 plus I would have spent at the mall. I have it easier since I just have to tell staff what I'm looking for and IF they come across matching items they will set it aside for me to look at it.
My point is check your local thrift store. Get to know the staff. Be nice in your requests and don't get upset if they don't find anything. My kids were raised on thrift store clothes. Here in Northern Virgina the quality of merchandise I get in, allows me to only allow the high end stuff to get to the floor. And I'm still overflowing.
Looking for a spare part. Check the thrift store. It doesn't hurt to ask. I had a lady in yesterday tell me that the local drama dept had just cast for it's spring production. She was looking for the big skirt that goes under a wedding dress. I remembered seeing one in the back. And she bought it for 9.99.
The key to any store is how you ask.
Mary - Happy shopping

FYI - Ever wonder what people do with all those gift sets you give them for Christmas. Guess who ends up with them. To get them a lot. So thrift stores are also great places to pick up New items.

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