Sunday, December 16, 2007

with the last post is an important safety precaution

There are several things you SHOULD NEVER BUY SECONDHAND without first checking with
- never ever buy car seats, boosters seats for the car. Once these have been involved in an accident they are no longer warrented by the mfg. In order words the mfg will no longer guarentee they will protect your child in an accident. I do not take car seats in my store for this reason alone.
- never buy a crib before you have check the to see if it's on a recall list.

As a general rule my store does not take these. but if someone has a crib and I can visually see that it is unsafe. I will take it and then have staff take a sledge hammer to it.

Baby items are a catagory I do not believe in saving money on. It is best to buy new and send in that registration card. The registration card will allow the mfg to contact you in the event of a recall. Walmart and Target both have some really good buys on these items.

Now baby clothing from thrift stores is another story. Both my babies grew up on thrift store clothing. Why spend $20 for a pair of gap jeans for a 6month old when in my store I can get them for $2. You do the math. One area balances the other out.

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