Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you know the key to saving gas milage?

Every day I make my 10 mile commute which takes about 45 minutes on the average. I choose to take the alternative route which route's you through some local communties. The road speed is 25 and 35. You would think it's the autobon in Europe the way these people drive. I've already gotten caught speeding on this road so needless to say I don't anymore. My max is 5 miles over the limit. You would think I'm standing still with the way these people pass me. Every time I see those big old SUV's race past me I think there goes the planet. Around here the big the better to one up the neighbors. Experts agree that driving an even speed and not speeding will reduce gas consumption and save you on gas milage.
What I find ironic is these people are speeding to get to a job they probably hate. Me, I love my job. Can't wait to get there. As a thrift store manager I'm part of the 3'R's . Reduce, recycle and reuse. I know I'm helping the environment for the most part. I still have to throw out stuff that is just not sellable. but at least the people were making and effort to save it from the landfill.
So remember. SLOW DOWN. Not only will it save you on gas, it will probably save your life some day.

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